Experts of custom set-up systems


We are one of the main hardware multi-brand distributers in Spain. We distribute all types of systems and components.
We are specialized both in high quality and mid-range equipment for SMEs. C&D BROKSOLUTIONS S.L. was founded in 2006. Our company is made up of a young and dynamic team. Its founder has more than 20 years of experience in the ICT sector.




1- Competitive prices.
By purchasing Refurbished material, you can enjoy up to 80% discounts. If the material is NEW, you can save up to 60%.

2- Extensive stock and immediate availability.
Our facilities of 1000m2 allow the storage of the most wanted products of the market. Our extensive stock allows the supply and either the delivery in 24 hours, or, if the customer so desires, they can pick up the material directly in our warehouse.
In case of having the material out of stock, the speed and efficiency in locating the product in any part of the world, allows us to make deliveries within a period not exceeding 48 hours. To do so, we collaborate with the main shipping companies.

3- Guarantee.
REFURBISHED: Personal guarantee up to 12 months.
NEW FACTORY SEALED: Manufacturer’s guarantee.

4- Multibrand Distributers.
We work with the lead IT manufacturers in the sector. This allows us to deal with any petition on a product regardless of the brand.

5- Specialists in high-end products.
When a company’s infrastructure requires more complex technological solutions, Broksolutions will provide the client with any valuable products that may be needed.

6- Equipment repurchase.
We offer the possibility to assess and repurchase your Hardware, whether it is discontinued or the latest generation equipment. We manage the withdrawal of the material at no cost for the customer.

7- Reliability and efficiency.
We have highly qualified staff, both commercially and technically specialized.
Our team’s task is to satisfy to the maximum the customer and always meet their expectations with dedication, efficiency and highly level job performance.

Our work allows companies to extend their computer equipment lives cycle.

We locate and supply discontinued products that help keep your machines updated and active for a longer period of time.

When there is the necessity to change to NEW EQUIPMENT, Broksolutions will advise about the new solution required, and its further sale. Additionally, true to our goal to take the most of the product’s life cycle, we offer the possibility of assessing/valuing and repurchasing old equipment which, once tested, is put back into circulation with BROKSOLUTIONS GUARANTEE.